A Brief Author Bio

Update to the Brief author bio page:

At the time this page was written (which is linked to on Spiritual Sounding Board, so I don’t want this page to disappear), I had only one website for both my missionary books and my personal thoughts and writings. Now they’ve been split up, so the missionary book “Brief author bio” is here and this blog’s “Brief author bio” pages are here and here. Thanks for your patience¬†with me in a journey that sometimes looks a little confusing!

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  1. Hello Rebecca. I loved the blog about world perspective. It is what took me to this site.

    I am a missionary in Asia, and I just started a blog called, Tales of a Modern-Day Missionary. Because of the country I work within, my goal is to keep the people and places fictitious, but the events true.

    I am finding it very difficult to sit down and put things about my life as a missionary in writing. Do you have any tips? Having written biographies, can you tell me what it is that people want to know?

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