Rebecca’s Nonprofit: Heart for Survivors

Heart for Survivors (H4S) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit established with the mission and purpose to provide compassionate, Christ-centered care for people who have experienced abuse: domestic, sexual, spiritual, ritual.

This we do through helping with things such as:

~ Physical needs that have arisen from the abuse (in practical ways such as rent payment and material provision).

~ Spiritual needs (through means such as Christ-centered spiritual coaching).

~ Legal expenses (for parents who are seeking to protect their children from an abuser).

~ Education for abuse survivors (about abuse, its effects, and other related topics).

H4S was born out of my seeing the need in the lives of abuse survivors around me, helping them financially, and then inviting others to help financially as well.

At this time, I’m taking no personal remuneration from Heart for Survivors. All funds donated will go directly to help abuse survivors, as well as for education (books, training, etc) and other direct ministry expenses (travel, etc).

If you’d like to donate to Heart for Survivors via PayPal, debit card, or credit card, you can do so here:

If you prefer to donate by check, let me know at, and I’ll get you the address.

This is the suggested sliding-scale donation chart for those who receive prayer ministry (spiritual coaching) from me. (But if you have extenuating circumstances, please don’t let this be a deterrent from connecting.)

If your AGI is between and then your donation can be
$0 $10,000 at least $10 per hour
$10,001 $20,000 at least $20 per hour
$20,001 $30,000 at least $30 per hour
$30,001 $40,000 at least $40 per hour
$40,001 $50,000 at least $50 per hour
$50,001 $60,000 at least $60 per hour
$60,001 $70,000 at least $70 per hour
$70,001 $80,000 at least $80 per hour
$90,001 $100,000 at least $100 per hour
$100,001 $110,000 at least $110 per hour
$110,001 $120,000 at least $120 per hour

God bless you.