Video/Audio of Interviews and Talks

A friend asked me to compile all my video and audio interviews and talks. Since (as of spring 2021) there aren’t very many, that seemed fairly easy to do. I’ll try to remember to continue to add to this list as more come up. You’ll find them in reverse chronological order.

August 2021: Julie Roys of The Roys Report interviews me on her podcast about my second Untwisting Scriptures book.

June 2021: Julie Roys of The Roys Report interviews me on her podcast, about my first Untwisting Scriptures book.

May 2021: This in-depth interview is a Facebook Live with Lauren Rose of Called to Peace Ministries. Our faces look dark here, but we move into the light before 45 seconds have gone by!


March 2021: Brandon Showalter, a reporter for the Christian Post, interviewed me on his Life in the Kingdom podcast, about the Untwisting Scriptures series. You can listen to it here. 

March 2021: Caleb Sowers interviewed me for his Bible Chat Podcast. This primarily focused on my second  Untwisting Scriptures book, about Patriarchy and Authority. You can listen here.

March 2021: Natalie Hoffman interviewed me on her Flying Free podcast about Untwisting Scriptures 2, Patriarchy and Authority. You can listen here.

February 2021: Emily Elizabeth Anderson of Thriving Forward did a video interview with me about Untwisting Scriptures 2, about Patriarchy and Authority. I can’t post that one here because she requires membership to view it, but here’s the link.

February 2021: Joy Forrest of Called to Peace Ministries talked with me about my talk about Immanuel Prayer Ministry at her upcoming Retreat.

September 2019: I put up a video about “yielding rights” that I’d made for Give Her Wings Academy.

August 2019: I was a guest on the Afterword podcast, in an episode called “On using stories to heal from trauma.”

March 2019: I spoke at the Awaken conference, a talk on “Rethinking Biblical  Bitterness.” Start three minutes in.

November 2017: My first conference to speak at about abuse topics was Joy Forrest’s Called to Peace conference. Again I talked about “yielding rights.” That video is private, so I can’t post it, but if that changes I’ll put it here. (Here’s the link, but you might not be able to view it.)

June 2017: One of my claims to fame is that I was the first person Natalie Hoffman interviewed on Facebook Live for her Flying Free Facebook page. Two in one month! Both are based on topics in my first Untwisting Scriptures book. The first interview was about rights, and the second about bitterness.