I write the Untwisting Scriptures series of books, as well as many “untwistings” on this website, for those who have experienced spiritual abuse, and for those who want to help the ones who have experienced spiritual abuse.

Is either of those you? Then welcome.

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A professional bio for those interested in such things

Rebecca Davis is the author of the Untwisting Scriptures series of books, designed to help those who have experienced spiritual abuse get to know the true heart of God. With over 40 years of study of the Scriptures, Rebecca writes to help Christians have a deeper understanding of the God and His love for them, to help those who have been abused find hope in the Lord Jesus Christ, and to help Christians better understand how they can help those in need.

Rebecca is privileged to act as a compassionate witness for those who have been oppressed and abused. She longs for them to know the love, compassion, and saving power of the real, true Lord Jesus.

Before Rebecca began writing for books for adults in 2014, she wrote several biographies of great Christians, one of which was an award winner. She also wrote a series of missionary books that Sonlight homeschooling curriculum called “marvelous,” “incredible,” “beautiful,” “challenging,” “dramatic,” “exciting,” and “glorious.”

A mother of four and grandmother of four, Rebecca spends her days helping others write their Christian books; listening to, praying with, and discipling others; pondering and writing about the freedom, joy, and care we have in Jesus Christ; and of course, untwisting Scriptures.

Rebecca has been married to Tim for almost 40 years. She enjoys group games with her adult children and imaginative play with her grandchildren.