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In January of 2015 I graduated from 24 years of homeschooling my four amazing children, who are now superlative adults, with 3 precious grandchildren.

I love seeing the awesome ways Jesus does indeed show up in people’s lives, like He promised to do in John 14:21 and 23, often through the Immanuel prayer ministry that I’m trained in. Even in unspeakable darkness, I and the person I’m praying with are privileged to see His Light still shining and His Spirit still working.

I love God. I love others. I love to laugh. I love coffee with chocolate in it. When I have guests, I put the sugar in one of my Thai mugs, and hot cocoa mix in the other. (Make your own mocha.)   I enjoy getting to offer you your choice of the Joy, Hope, and Peace mugs.

In all the messes of life, I want to walk in the Spirit, in the resurrection power of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I invite you to come with me.

My one-on-one ministry

Since 2017 I’ve been involved nearly full time with abuse victims and survivors, primarily using prayer ministry (based on the Immanuel Approach prayer ministry model developed by Christian psychiatrist Karl Lehman) to help them connect with Jesus and process their traumatic memories.

For those who can’t get past the terms “prayer” and “ministry” because of the ways these words have been used against them, I’ve called what I do “spiritual coaching.”

Because of my conviction that the work of the Lord should be done without charge, that’s what I’ve practiced—I’m not interested in personal remuneration anyway, and I’m content to live on little.

But several of the survivors who have come into my life have very significant financial needs. And I believe it’s appropriate for those who benefit from the work of the Lord through my one-on-one ministry to help support others like themselves, as they’re able to do so.

This is why a donation basis has been instituted for those who want to schedule one-on-one prayer-ministry-spiritual-coaching times with me.

To learn more, you can write to me at rebecca@heresthejoy.com. Donations—even if you’re not working with me directly—can be made to heart4survivors@heresthejoy.com, a fund that is now a nonprofit. (See more here.)

I’m very glad to be able to do the honorable work of partnering with my friends in helping the “widows and orphans” among us.

A professional bio for those who are interested in such things

Rebecca Davis is the author of the Untwisting Scriptures series of books and the author or collaborating author of over 20 other books for children and adults. With over 40 years of study of the Scriptures, she writes her adult books to help Christians have a deeper understanding of the true God and His love for them, to help those who have been abused find hope in the Lord Jesus Christ, and to help Christians better understand how they can help those in need.

Her business involves serving as a trauma-informed book coach and editor. You can see her work at Rebecca Davis WordWorking.

Rebecca has been married to Tim for over 35 years. She enjoys group games with her adult children and imaginative play with her grandchildren.

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Here are all the books in the Untwisting Scriptures series:

Book 1 in the series covers Surrendering Rights, Biblical Bitterness, and Taking Up Offenses.

Book 2 addresses Patriarchy and Authority.

Book 3 is about Your Words and Your Emotions.

Book 4 covers Wolves, Hypocrisy, Sin Leveling, and Righteousness.

Besides the Untwisting Scriptures series, Rebecca is the author or collaborating author of 17 other books, for both adults and children.

Her adult books include

Her children’s books include 13 devotionals, biographies, and sets of true missionary stories for children, one of which is an award winner (With Daring Faith: A Biography of Amy Carmichael). Sonlight Homeschooling Curriculum has called her Hidden Heroes series “marvelous,” “incredible,” “beautiful,” “challenging,” “dramatic,” “exciting,” and “glorious.”

Rebecca’s personal ministry includes serving as a spiritual coach through prayer ministry while acting as a compassionate witness to people’s hard stories, helping women who are in or coming out of abuse, untwisting Scriptures that have been used to keep people in abusive situations, and offering hope through Jesus Christ. Since 2009 she has been writing about these things on her blog, www.heresthejoy.com.