This summer my two teenagers and I had the privilege of spending some evenings listening together to Corrie Ten Boom’s The Hiding Place (mending clothes, brushing the dog’s matted fur as we listened) and then watching the video.

It had been maybe a few decades since I had read The Hiding Place, so I was grateful to be impressed again at how suddenly life can take terrible unexpected turns . . . at how important it is to be spiritually ready to face these new circumstances . . . and at how, through it all, God is faithful.

He never said He would whisk us out of trouble. He said He would keep us safe through it. He never said the storm wouldn’t come. He said that in the midst of it He would hide us.

Betsy Ten Boom died in that concentration camp. But she never wavered in believing that no matter how deep the pit—and those sisters witnessed depths of depravity that I haven’t yet seen—no matter how deep, our Savior is deeper.

We’re facing unprecedented days in our country. Persecution may be coming, possibly even in our lifetime. But God is faithful, Jesus is deep, and He is worth it all.

Corrie was 53 when she was taken out of her happy home to a concentration camp and her life was changed forever. This summer, when I listened to her book, I was 53. The Hiding Place was one of the things God has been using to change my life forever.


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