I take off my glasses to peer at my tiny notes in the wide margins of my ancient Bible. I type them into the computer and add new notes from what the Lord is currently teaching me about the passage.  I love being able to use online commentaries and lexicons.

So the other day I had a little while to spend with the Word of God.

I don’t know if you have this problem, but for me it can actually be a little while before my mind and heart even settle down enough to be able to focus and enjoy and receive the nourishment that my soul needs. This time I kept being distracted. I kept thinking of things I needed to write down, things I needed to check on. I was thinking, “Augh! I don’t have very long! I need to focus! Lord help me!”

My short time (it might have been twenty minutes or more) passed without much fruit. Or maybe not any. So I knew this was war.

If I say I’m not feeling well, my wonderful husband always wants me to go to bed early. So I wasn’t feeling well, I was tired and drained and feeling fragile, so as I have done in the past, I went to bed with my Bible, no computer, and a flashlight.  My plan? To read and sleep and read and sleep.

Under  the covers with a flashlight, I meditated on a paragraph in Philippians 3. “I count everything, all those amazing boasts from my past, to be detriment, impediments, junk that’s just in my way toward the real prize. I want the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord.” Sleep, sleep. Lord teach me what this familiar Scripture means. Lord show me.

Wake up. Excellency of the knowledge of Christ. Excellency. Surpassing worthiness. Highest blessedness. All the things I thought were gain are simply an impediment.


Why don’t I do this more often? When I sleep the Word of God, it permeates my dreams.

So then Sunday we watched an amazing video, from Frontline Missions, about the church in Ethiopia. People with nothing (by American standards) were leaping in praise because of the matchless worthiness of the glorious Savior. His Excellency.

This is it. I saw it in action. It’s what Paul was doing in prison when he wrote the letter to the Philippians. It’s what these people were proclaiming. Nothing is greater, dearer, sweeter, higher, better than the love of Jesus Christ. Nothing.

Lord, continue to burn this into my heart.


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