It’s been two years (only two years!) since the Lord began regularly bringing sexual abuse survivors into my life, and my heart hurts.

I was scrolling back through some of my correspondence to retrieve some information, and I came across a letter I wrote to a friend, early on, when it was all still new to me.

And what I wrote two years ago . . . I still know it’s true. And now I publish it not just for one friend, but for all thirty of you who have spoken to me. (Some of you only said, “It happened to me too.” Some of you have told me your stories at length.)

Whether the abuser was your father, your brother, your uncle, your pastor, your dorm parent or other leader, or a trusted friend, this is all still true,


Dear friend,

I just wanted to pass on something I’ve been thinking about since I’ve been in Second Corinthians. Paul starts the book talking about the God of all Comfort, but you know, it’s more than just consolation or a “there, there” sort of pat on the back. That word translated “comfort” is more about calling on someone with a sense of urgency. And the reason Paul was talking about that was because he himself had been going through such terrible circumstances. Not only the physical circumstances of storms and shipwrecks and snakes, but the Jews being violently opposed to him and now his own people questioning his authority and not providing for him . . .

But in all of these things, God was the God of beseeching. God was there.

God is there for you, dear friend, in the midst of all this darkness. He is there. Unlike your [trusted one who betrayed you]. God is not like that. He is a loving Heavenly Father, with open arms of love. I hope and pray there comes a day when you can truly believe that.

I’m praying for you, that what you know to be true in your head God will cause to spring to life in your heart. In spite of the heartache of people who have hurt you and betrayed you and forsaken you. That is not God. In Jesus Christ, you can go to Him for a world of love. He is the God who can be beseeched. He is the God of all comfort.

Much love to you, my dear friends. My heart aches with you, longing to see the days of full healing.



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