Please pray about my relationship with my husband. My sickness. My trouble.

Yes, I would be glad to. Let’s pray right now.

Here? In front of all these people?

Well . . . it’s a church building. . . . These people probably pray too. . . .

Have you ever requested prayer from someone and wondered if the one who promised to pray about it really would? Have you ever said you would pray about something and then forgotten?

You can say it. Say it.

“Let’s pray right now.”

Loving Father, I pray that You would use this sickness, this trouble, to draw Your child closer to Yourself, to show Your power in a mighty way that goes beyond the simple healing of the body, to a stronger faith in Jesus Christ and a deeper joy in Him.

Let’s pray right now.

You didn’t say you’re afraid to pray in front of someone, did you? That you’re afraid your focus would only be on what the other person thinks of your words instead of on the great God that you’re approaching boldly, because you can enter the Holiest by the blood of Jesus? Did you offer the flimsy excuse that you’re not a prayer warrior?

Oh Father, break down the walls, scatter the clouds of confusion and lies. Break forth in your dawn of Holy Spirit understanding.

A new year is upon us. You’re part of a church that has a prayer meeting. Maybe you’re part of a church that has a real prayer meeting. Go there and pray.

Learn to pray. Live prayer. Let prayer flow like a fountain. Pray without ceasing.

Then speak prayer. Speak it before others, and don’t worry about what they might think. You’re not talking to them. Pray spontaneously, in the halls of the church building. Outside the grocery store. In the front seat of the car.

Say it to that friend. “Let’s pray right now.”

How desperately the church needs to pray.

Pray . . .

. . . for the Holy Spirit to fall in power on your church, in the erupting of joy. Pray for hearts to be turned fully to Jesus Christ, for faces to shine with His love. Pray for the disasters, the calamities of life—and there are so many, all around us—to cause us to see those unseen things that are eternal, and to understand that the things that we see are temporal.

That the spiritual is more real than the physical.

Pray . . .

. . . that the passion of Jesus Christ would blaze in the hearts of His people, and that many would see that light and be drawn to Him. Pray that the passion would set hearts on fire to take the living Word of God to those who have never heard, that nations from the ends of the earth would lift their hands together and praise Him.

Because our God, our Savior, is mighty to accomplish beyond what we can ask for or even imagine. And we are not.

Pray. . . .

Pray. . . .

Let’s pray right now.

~originally published December 2011


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