When I want to write directly about abuse (exposing tactics and such), I’ll submit a post to another blog such as A Cry for Justice, rather than posting it here, because the purpose of this blog—talking about the fullness of the Christian life Jesus promised—doesn’t quite fit with descriptions of abuse.

But with the interaction with abuse survivors I’m able to have, I sometimes have observations to make.

So . . . that to say, this week I had the privilege of being a guest poster on A Cry for Justice. You can read the post here.

But I want to use this space to show you the important conclusion:

When Lydia read the draft of this blog post and saw the validation she received by the recognition of this crazy-making, ally-obtaining tactic, along with a hope of helping someone else, she wrote,

The years I dealt with it, and the frustration/hurt/ confusion/anger I subsequently felt because of it, continue to be healed by moments like this. Like another dead blade of grass in a meadow of brown becomes green once again. Makes me feel some “healthy” and “normalness” again. Not a small thing.

One thing God calls believers to is helping to untangle lies and show truth for what it really is. This is one way He receives glory, because He is ultimately glorfied by truth.

He is the God of Truth.

Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father, but by Me.”


Go here to download your free Guide, How to Enjoy the Bible Again (when you’re ready) After Spiritual Abuse (without feeling guilty or getting triggered out of your mind). You’ll receive access to both print and audio versions of the Guide (audio read by me). I’m praying it will be helpful.



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