A message to the wounded helpers: What would Jesus do?

Remember the great compassion our Lord Jesus showed to all who came to Him in faith? How deeply He loved them and how tenderly He treated them.

If Jesus came to you—you who have believed on Him but are working as if a slavedriver were beating your back—would He tell you you still aren’t doing enough, you still don’t measure up?


He would tenderly embrace you and call you to His rest. “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

You don’t have to treat yourself the way your abusers treated you. Come, and find your rest in Him.


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Sandra Allen Lovelace
2 years ago

Aaaah. Such a restful bit of Truth. 😀

11 days ago

Thank you for this post. I am reading this over 2 years later, but God gave me that same scripture at that time, September 2018. I was recovering from my own burnout, and realizing the slaveship mentality that lived under. I finally learned what it was like to lay my burdens down. Your blog is very helpful.