Before I began to work regularly on untwisting Scriptures at this blog, Here’s the Joy, I was regularly doing that over at BJUGrace. That was the blog some friends and I set up to discuss the GRACE report on Bob Jones University and serve as a platform for abuse survivors who wanted to speak. (It was also where I first began, in 2014, to expose false teachings and show what the Bible teaches instead.)

For a couple of years now, that site has been dormant while I’ve focused on writing here.

But this past week, someone from a BJU background told me she was ready to tell her story and name her alleged offender, who is currently a missionary. She has spoken for years with various people who are in positions to make things right, but this has never happened, so she has decided to speak publicly. The article she wrote is now posted at BJUGrace, here.

Naming a criminal offender is, contrary to trendy teaching, unrelated to forgiveness. Any victim or survivor of abuse who wants to name her offender publicly is to be supported in doing so, especially if she has spent years trying to right the wrong privately through more traditional channels, as this survivor has been doing.

This abuse survivor will be reading the comments at BJUGrace, so please support her by reading her story and posting a few words of encouragement for her. Here again is the link to her story.

Thank you, and God bless you.


Go here to download your free Guide, How to Enjoy the Bible Again (when you’re ready) After Spiritual Abuse (without feeling guilty or getting triggered out of your mind). You’ll receive access to both print and audio versions of the Guide (audio read by me). I’m praying it will be helpful.



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