Untwisting Scriptures Book Series

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Book 1

Rights, Bitterness, and Taking Up Offenses

Book 2

Patriarchy and Authority

Book 3

Your Words, Your Emotions

Book 4

Wolves, Hypocracy, Sin Leveling, & Righteousness


The first writing of Rebecca’s I stumbled across was about bitterness, and it blew my mind. . . . I highly recommend that you read her [Untwisting Scriptures] series.”

~Amy Fritz, Untangled Faith podcast


Rebecca is such a gift to our community. She takes the Scriptures that for so long have been used against us, used to hurt us. She untwists them and helps us to understand the heart of God.

~Heather Elizabeth Baker, Held & Healed


These are disturbing but excellent books.

~Julie Bonn Blank, Abuse Recovery Ministry Services