I’m a New Covenant Christian.

I say this without shame, with full understanding of the implications.

I believe that the New Covenant is not simply a new administration of the same covenant as the Old, but rather is a truly and radically NEW Covenant, based on the blood of Jesus Christ, completely fulfilling the Old. As we’re told in Jeremiah, Hebrews, Galatians, Colossians, and other places, the Old Covenant, by design, was not good enough. The New Covenant is better. Better. Better. In every way.

I believe that the New Covenant is not simply one more covenant in a series, to be one day superceded by yet another covenant, but, as resonates throughout the Scriptures is rather the final one, because nothing could possibly be Better.

Last time I blogged, it was to describe the wonders I beheld in the sacrificial system of Leviticus in 1994 when I studied it and found Jesus. This was a truly important step in my Christian growth.

What I didn’t happen to mention is that when I left Leviticus in 1994 to study Hebrews, I never returned, except for reference, until 2011. This year, reading through the Bible with my church family.

Is there benefit to reading the types-and-shadows parts of the Bible? Yes, because the outline and copy they show is definitely the outline and shadow of the One who was at that time yet to come.

But once the shadow is replaced by substance, then we’ll glance at the shadow, but gaze on the substance. Once the photograph of the lover has been replaced by the lover Himself, we’ll glance at the photo, but we’ll fix our eyes on the Lover.

Praise God for the glorious New Covenant, through whose Author we can see Jesus Christ, who is, as Hebrews implies, the features on the face of God. We won’t give equal time to continuing to delineate the outline of the Hero and trace a copy of Him when we can look up and behold Him in His glory.


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