Many lists detail Scripturally-based truths about who I am in Christ, and I love them; they’re worth much meditation.

But I would also love to see lists about who Jesus Christ is to me and for me and in me. I got to thinking about this when I was meditating on I Corinthians 1:30.

Thoughts for rejoicing!

 Jesus Christ is my Passover Sacrifice (I Cor 5:7). He was offered in my place, my substitute.

 He is my Rescuer (Titus 3:5-6). It is through His rescuing that I have been brought to a place of being washed and renewed.

 He is my Sin-washer (I Cor 6:11). I am made clean and new in Him.

 He is my Mediator (I Timothy 2:5). It is because of Him alone that I can stand before God the Father.

 He is my Redemption (I Cor 1:30). Through Him I experience full release from the bondage of sin and shame of the past. Through Him I am set free.

 He is my Good Shepherd (John 10:11). He cares for me. He loves me. He calls me by name. He gives his life for me.

 He is my Righteousness (I Cor 1:30). He has already accomplished everything that ever needs to be done. I can do nothing more to attain God’s favor. He has done it all!

He is my Sanctification (I Cor 1:30). Farewell to a by-your-bootstraps Christian life! Welcome to a life of deep dependence on the One who is all my holiness!

He is my High Priest (Hebrews 4:20). Through the veil, His flesh, He has made a new and living way into the very presence of God the Father. Because He is my High Priest, I can go in with boldness.

 He is my Wisdom (I Cor 1:30). I can look to Him in confidence that He will be my Guide.

He is my Living Bread (John 6). This whole chapter is so amazing I blogged about it here.

He is my Life (Col 3:4). No, that verse isn’t just about the second coming. You are dead, and your life is hid with Christ in God. When He is manifested, you will be manifested. Ponder that!

He is my Strength (Ex 15:2). In Him alone I am strong to do battle in the realm of the spirit.

He is my Joy (John 15:11). His “calm delight” can abide in me, through the ability of His Spirit!

He is my Peace (Ephesians 2:14; John 16:33). He is my peace with God. He is my peace with others of all tribes and tongues and nations and languages. He is the peace-be-still within my soul.

He is my Vine (John 14). As the branch on the Vine, I can continually draw from His Life. I don’t have to be stuck trying to dredge up a Christian life of my own from nothing.

He is my Song (Exodus 15:2). And His love and glory, his holiness and tenderness, His righteousness and mercy, His many glorious attributes will give us themes for songs throughout eternity!

 He is my Hope (I Timothy 1:1). All my expectations, all my anticipation, rest in Him, with utter confidence of total fulfillment of all good things.

 He is my Lord (II Peter 3:18). By His very nature and by His wondrous accomplishments, He stands in position to command me in every way.

 Surely there are more. I would love to hear your thoughts.


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