A Video Interview on the Topic of “Yielding Rights”

This morning at 11:00 EDT I was interviewed by Natalie Herbranson Klejwa of Visionary Womanhood, (now called Flying Free), in the topic of “rights” in the life of a Christian and whether or not a Christian should “yield rights,” with totally Christian totally freeing teachings supported by Scripture. (The actual real interview starts 5 minutes in.)


You can read about the totally Christian perspective on your rights in a more organized fashion in Untwisting Scriptures that were used to tie you up, gag you, and tangle your mind, which you can view on Amazon by licking on the book cover below.

Also, if you go to the actual source of the video, instead of just watching it here, you can see the Realtime Comments, where others offer questions and observations, and where I’m going through the video and commenting to further expand on some of the points I made (or in some cases, make corrections!).

Looking forward to further interaction!


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5 years ago

Hi Rebecca Davis;)

I’m looking forward to reading your book. I just finished watching the interview and your points are well, critical as you know.
My journey began so long ago I guess at least 12-13 yrs ago. It began without my full awareness of what I would come to understand about my own marriage and my own family of origin.
I won’t expand in depth, but I wanted to say thank you for your work and your unraveling. I feel like I have much in common with you and I also know the victim side of the journey although I now live as a survivor and my husband has had intense work on his own beliefs and behavior~ which became abusive.Praise God for that blessing!
We now get to live each day in a mutual healthy relationship rather than one that was one-sided toxic.
So so very different and life giving!

With all this true Joy, also came much sorrow and loss for us, my family of origin well didn’t take our shift well and currently we are estranged. I have had to go no contact and it’s moving into 2 yrs. My family of origin are quite enmeshed which took me several years to untangle myself.
My mother is the biggest contributor to believe such twisted understandings of scripture. I love her and my heart is broken in many places over being abandoned and rejected~ not to leave out scapegoated.
My feelings and experience with her is that she is an ingrained ‘pretender’.

I just wanted to thank you in advance for your book, and the work you have done to see the bigger operation of these ‘church systems’ because it begins in the home too in the most sacred of places of our early identities of what should be safe.

I do believe there are many still bonded to ‘family systems’ even as adults that are hard to unveil… because there is not the obvious destructive chaos going on.. meaning it’s not (day and night living.. such as physical abuse, sexual abuse and others). Much of my victim posture began with my older siblings and their overpowering. Things like:
“I’m the oldest, so we must only respect how I feel, think and want to ingage”
As a little girl, this was the only way I could participate in relationship of any form. Sure there were safe moments for me.. but my parents did not protect my rights at all and I was so trained ‘to yield to others’.

My worth and my value come from Christ alone and that He has given me firmly, but the loss of my family has been overwhelming at times, especially when they claim love but really have little understanding of ‘what Love’ really is and what posture that produces. Our children now have to be protected by boundaries so that they will not indoctrinated (even subtly or indirectly) of the family’s upside down understandings and the typical ‘bullying scenario’ as you so well described in your other article.

Blessings and prayers for your journey Rebecca,

5 years ago
Reply to  Rebecca Davis


Thank you for your reply. Not sure what you may mean by the ‘messy middle’, please point me to an article that would be of help.
I’m still reading your book, but if you’ve written in there I haven’t gotten that far yet.

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