Maybe Your Bitterness Isn’t Really Sinful: A Video Interview

It sounds radical, doesn’t it? And as a solid Christian, why would I want to convince anyone that something we’ve always thought of as “sinful” isn’t really sinful?

To be clear, I’m extremely opposed to sin! But I believe many in the church of Jesus Christ can end up putting “heavy burdens and grievous to be borne” on the shoulders of those who are already being oppressed, and I want to do my part to lift those burdens through the love and power of our Lord Jesus. Sometimes one of the first steps can be lifting that burden of false guilt.

As one commenter said in regard to the video below, “At first I was like, nah, but then I thought to persist and listen to what you had to say, and I’m so thankful that I did. Thank you for sharing this. It was really helpful. I truly appreciate it.”

Another commenter said, “This is amazing. I’m weeping.”

There’s a kind of bitterness that is sinful. And for sure, for sure, it’s really bad! But if you study every time the word “bitter”—or any of its associated words—is used in the Bible (the way I did), you’ll find there’s a whole lot more to discover about bitterness than just those few passages—eight, to be specific—that are sometimes used to tie people up, gag them, and tangle their minds.


This interview with Natalie Klewja of Visionary Survivor explains more, with topics based on much more information available in the book Untwisting Scriptures. (If you want to read the RealTime comments and questions that others have left on the video—and leave your own—you can right-click on the video to get the link to go to the original site.)

When is bitterness sinful and in need of rebuke? When is it not sinful and in need of care? I hope these truths helps you on your quest toward full freedom and joy in Jesus Christ!

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one of His Holy people
one of His Holy people
5 years ago

bless your hearts… you mentioned trauma isn’t in the Bible, but the concept is there… if you are not already familiar with these verses, look up Jeremiah 8:11 & 6:14… this is unresolved trauma… where the hurts* of God’s people are healed only slightly***… and the spiritual leaders are saying “peace, peace” aka forgive and move on, when there is no peace/healing…. in fact the leaders are blocking the healing while at the same time dismissing the trauma… and often actually adding to the harm… further betrayal trauma by the leaders…

I think these verses are precisely what you are talking about!

*** Hebrew word qalal… In this context, it’s Israel’s spiritual leaders superficially tended to the deep wounds of the people.

* the hebrew for hurts:… broken, crushed, ruined (ie deep emotional pain aka TRAUMA!)

hope this helps/make sense…

one of His Holy people
one of His Holy people
5 years ago

also wanted to point out that Jeremiah 8 specifically says “the DAUGHTER of My people” in v 11 and 21…

Dorcas Weaver
Dorcas Weaver
5 years ago

Thanks, Rebecca, for the untwisting you do. It’s wonderful listening to you & I felt drawn to you. I hope to some day have the privilege of meeting you. I just read your book you’re being interviewed about! Very insightful!!
(I’m teaming up with Dale & Faith B4 long.)

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