Our Only Hope: A Poster

For those of us who have looked for hope in the homeschooling movement, the patriarchy movement, the neo-Calvinist movement, or any other movement.

Our only hope is in Jesus Christ alone, not only for our salvation in eternity, but for our day-to-day salvation right now. The primary purpose of the Bible isn’t for learning principles to live by. The primary purpose of the Bible is for knowing Him, in his kindness, goodness, greatness, and glory, and for seeing ourselves in relationship with Him.

If you seek Him there, asking the Holy Spirit to open your eyes to what He has to show you, you may be surprised by a whole new unfolding of beautiful truth about who He is and who you are. If the Scriptures have seemed impossible for you to read because they’ve been used to abuse you, maybe it’s time to try asking Him to get those old voices out of your head, and begin reading again.

Don’t expect to just get a vitamin pill for the day, though. Don’t expect to get principles to live by. Expect to learn to know God, the real God, especially as He reveals Himself fully through Jesus Christ in the New Covenant.

If you decide to take me up on it and begin reading the Bible when you haven’t been before, I’d love to hear about what the Lord is showing you regarding Himself. You can post here in the comments or write me privately. I’m praying for you.

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Sally Calder
Sally Calder
5 years ago

This is so good, Rebecca. As I got a glimpse recently back into the oh-so-intellectual world of fundamentalism, my heart sank for the people still tied up in their chains. We need to be still and listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit, the One who wants to guide us, comfort us, bind our wounds. Men (and women) today are calling for people to listen to them instead of pointing their listeners back to God. The difference is subtle, and good people gather round these eloquent voices and cheer them on. Meanwhile, the bruised and broken are denied tender care by the ones God told to go…feed, clothe, give water, go to the aid of the oppressed. How have we gotten it so wrong?

5 years ago

Amen! I was just thinking a few days ago how I’ve longed for more deepness and substance and “new” learning because sermons and devotionals, etc. seemed all the same old things. Yes, I have not arrived and still battle sin and self. but I also need to learn more about God and doctrine. I went to Christian college and have a Bible minor. But God is not limited! Learning about equality and egalitarianism and abuse and evil through your blog and A Cry for Justice and CBE and Visionary Womanhood (Abuse Survivor) and Joe Pote and Tim from the Train Wrecks…and Marge from Aussie..Well these blogs have been from people who study scripture and Bible culture and Greek and Hebrew and translations……and it’s so exciting!!! I keep thinking why do they learn Greek in seminary yet never seem to use it and teach to the congregation? I keep thinking why when I ask a challenging question do they keep spouting wives submit to your husbands as the ONLY verse to “prove” their point? Didn’t these men study the Bible more deeply than that? I keep thinking that they are teaching my nephew this at his seminary and he is learning ESS–something I NEVER heard of in all my Bible and fundy background!! I tell him about this and that the Nicene Council didn’t agree and then I realize I never learned about the Nicene Council until now!! Then I realized that I was always an egal but never knew it. It’s wonderful to study deeply and learn what scripture and Paul really, really said and meant. And to study our Savior and His dealings with women. Refreshing!

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