Today I’m remembering and holding close in my heart the friend and loved one . . .

. . . who doesn’t know how she’s going to raise her child(ren) because she can’t make ends meet after leaving her abuser to save their lives. I pray that good-hearted others will want to help.

. . . whose child(ren) chose to abandon her along with her church when she left the man who was stealing her life from her. I pray that as they grow older and wiser, they will see the light.

. . . who appears childless to the outside world, but the outside world doesn’t know how many children she has in heaven.

. . . who is struggling with the effects of a mental illness or a mental disorder caused by abuse.

. . . who can find almost no one to talk to about her situation because the ones who hear just a little bit recoil in horror.

. . . who is trying not to think too much about the years ahead as she focuses on today in raising her little one(s).

. . . who was disbelieved by everyone or almost everyone in her life and feels abandoned and alone, perhaps with one or two of her younger ones still with her. I pray she will find other strong connections among those who understand.

. . . who left her children’s abuser to get them safe and now finds that she has to share joint unsupervised custody with him.

. . . who is dealing with the effects of abuse in the lives of her children.

. . . who would have made a wonderful mother but never had the opportunity.

. . . whose child was killed in the prime of life, even possibly at his or her own hand.

. . . who is still struggling to remain in a nightmare of a marriage and keep her child(ren) safe from the harm.

. . . who lost a child (or maybe more than one) who decided to follow in the path of their abuser.

. . . who truly loves his or her narcissist mother but knows if he reaches out to her, his hand will be bitten off.

. . . whose mother didn’t believe you when you told her someone she respected was hurting you.

. . . whose mother was too broken or ignorant or even evil to protect them from the predator they had to face on a regular basis (who may have been the mother herself).

. . . who mourns his deceased mother and the relationship that can now never be mended this side of heaven.

For some, Mother’s Day is a very hard day. And so I’m thinking about you, and  I’m praying you’ll feel the presence of the Lord near you in your pain. I’m sending much love your way.




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