John MacArthur a long time ago

John MacArthur recently spoke against social justice as one of the most dangerous current threats to the gospel. There have been three sermons as well as some blog posts, but the quotations in this post here are all taken from sermon #3, which is here.

In my previous post, I emphasized that victimization really is a thing, and “Mary” responded from personal experience to tell that one can rightly claim to be a victim without denying that one is a sinner.

So one of my questions for John MacArthur is, does he really believe no one can rightly claim to have been victimized as a child? It takes my breath away.

Nearly everyone now is searching for some kind of victimhood. Psychologists would tell them they were probably victimized as children but they can’t remember it so they should go into repressed memories just for the sole purpose of uncovering some supposed victimhood so they can have some place to belong in this completely victimized culture. If you’re not a victim of anything you have no moral authority and nothing to say, get out of the conversation. Everyone needs to have had at least a micro-aggression, some category of victimhood to divest yourself of the responsibility for the fact that your life is the way it is because of your own sin.

Maybe sometime I can talk about recovered memories, but for now all I’ll say is that he is clearly mocking people who have memories of severe child abuse.

One of my big puzzlements is that he builds his whole argument in his examination of social justice on the following foundation, which to me seems beyond shaky:





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