Six years ago when I first began to learn about extreme abuse, when I was first introduced to dissociative identity disorder as something more than a movie plot, when I began to dip my toe into a world of darkness beyond what I had previously ever comprehended, I eventually (after months) asked the Lord—complained to the Lord, actually—“Lord, why is it you want me to learn about this awful stuff? I don’t know any of these people!”

His answer was as clear as if I had heard a voice. “You will meet them. You will know them.”

So because it’s Thanksgiving Day, I’m posting my thanksgiving for the friend who has taught me the most, the one who has provided me with what I call my “practicum from God” and so much more.

In her life I’ve seen God work miracles and bring deliverance. Through her life I’ve seen bravery and perseverance that stand as a stellar example to me. I’m privileged to be by her side as she learns who Jesus Christ really is and what he can do, as she puts the fragmented pieces of her life together, and as she learns who she really was made to be.

I love you, my friend.


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