It was all the way last Monday when this Christian Post article (which you can see here) was posted, which is light years in the world of blogging, but I’ve always been light years behind, so here we are.

The article is worth reading in its entirety as a good example of the accusations used by those who tell us not to accuse. (FWIW, I don’t believe in name calling unless it’s warranted, like what Jesus did to the Pharisees.) Greg Gordon, the author of the article in question, makes accusations like these:

Like feeding fresh bloody fish to a group of swarming sharks, the frenzy ensues as web links are made and a new viral news article is born at the great expense of the character of a Christian leader as well as the testimony of Christ.

We never pray or fast for these individuals, we simply feed on their demise for our daily entertainment.

These bloggers consider themselves judge, jury, and executioner at the same time.

What about the testimony of Christ?

A new viral news article is born at the great expense of . . . the testimony of Christ.

What is the testimony of Christ, exactly? Is it preaching the Word of God while fleecing the sheep of God, as KP Yohannan did, the head of Gospel for Asia? Would an example of “a news article born at the great expense of the testimony of Christ” be, perhaps, the story of the class action lawsuit against Gospel for Asia, written up in Christianity Today? (It was settled for $37 million, by the way, not exactly an indication of innocence.)

Well, perhaps it could. Because thanks to this tweeter, I found the connection between Gordon, the author of the “renegade blogger” article, and Yohannan, one of the “Christian leaders” Gordon was defending.

Actually, there are many of us bloggers—renegades, perhaps, in that we don’t toe the party line quite as well as we might—who believe that the “testimony of Christ” is in danger by the very people that Greg Gordon is defending.

There is a lost world looking on as we quickly share articles that accuse brothers and sisters of things that are not provable facts in many cases.

Yes, the lost world is looking on; I know that for sure, because some of them talk to me. One of them has actually come to Jesus Christ for salvation, at least in part because she saw through me and my work that what a wolf in sheep’s clothing had done to her (though she could not prove it) was not actually a representation of who Jesus Christ really is. I’ve heard the same from other bloggers. 

Could it be that Greg Gordon, and others, are pointing the finger at the wrong people?









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