5 Reasons You Need to Come to the CTPM Retreat in May 2021

Friends, I speak at only about one conference a year (and the 2020 one was cancelled, of course), so this is a big deal for me, and I’m super excited.

This Retreat Conference, sponsored by Joy Forrest’s Called to Peace Ministries, is called “He Makes All Things New.”

It will take place in the Asheville, NC, area over four days, Thursday through Sunday May 13-16, 2021.

To someone like me who comes from little (maybe you can relate) it looks expensive! That is, the retreat conference itself costs $200 before March 31 and then $300 after that.

On top of that you’ll need to pay for your room, which will cost $20-$125 per night depending on the room and the number of roommates. (So if you stay 3 nights, the minimum would be $60.)

Five meals are included (three on Friday, breakfast on Saturday, and breakfast on Sunday). Thursday evening’s dinner and Saturday’s lunch and dinner are not included in the package.

Reason #1 you should come: Scholarships Are Available

I want to say right up front that Joy Forrest has said “We never want finances to prevent anyone from attending!” So, if you would love to come but finances are the only hindrance, you can email info@calledtopeace.org to ask for a scholarship. You can also ask there about getting a roommate for the retreat.

Reason #2: It’s Designed for You

This Retreat Conference is for those needing rest and restoration after oppressive and harmful relationship(s).

It’s also for people helpers who want to be better equipped to support and care for those who have been wounded.

I’m guessing that covers just about everyone who reads my website.

Reason #3: The Location Is Amazing

Your rest and restoration will be aided by the lovely setting at Lake Junaluska near Asheville, NC. Joy calls this a “Retreat” instead of a “Conference” because she does want you to truly rest and be restored here.

Reason #4: Leslie Vernick Will Be There

The primary presenter will be popular speaker and relationship coach Leslie Vernick, who speaks at way more than one conference a year, lol. She wrote The Emotionally Destructive Relationship (a best seller) and The Emotionally Destructive Marriage, among others.

Reason #5: Others Will Also Be Speaking, Including Me

The schedule of all the speakers should be coming out soon on the Retreat web page. I know there will be several breakout sessions, but at this point the only one I know about is mine.

At Joy Forrest’s request, I’ll be presenting something I haven’t spoken much about publicly but have been quietly doing for five years, and very regularly for three. Here’s the formal description, which will go up on the Retreat page soon.

Immanuel Approach Prayer Ministry to Help with Healing of Trauma Wounds

Christian psychiatrist Dr. Karl Lehman developed the Immanuel Approach through years of counseling, study of the human brain and mind, practicing EMDR, applying other prayer ministries, and developing an ever-deepening relationship with Jesus Christ. 

He found, and describes in his book, that even those who haven’t been through many years of formal traditional counseling training can learn to use this prayer ministry model with great success if they love Jesus and listen to the Holy Spirit.

Rebecca Davis, author of Untwisting Scriptures, tells the story of her own discovery of prayer ministry (or “spiritual coaching”). She explains how Immanuel Approach prayer ministry helps to increase a person’s capacity for joy, which will then increase the capacity to process pain. She describes how this ministry can be used even in the most extreme cases of abuse, when a person’s soul has been fragmented into numerous “parts.”

The wounds are many, the devices of the enemy are many, and the need for prayer ministers is great.  But the prayer ministry process can also be very rewarding, as we see our great Healer, Jesus Christ, bring His beloved children to greater and greater healing, joy, and strength in Him. 

This is a topic that can be stretching, to say the least, to those who have never experienced prayer ministry before. But it can be a very helpful tool in the toolkit for Christian mentors, life coaches, and even licensed counselors.

I’m super excited to do this breakout session at Joy’s retreat conference.

Sign-up details and answers to questions can be found at the Called to Peace Retreat page here.

I hope to see you there!

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1 year ago

I went into research mode when Rebecca Davis mentioned “Immanuel Approach” in a post on Facebook a while back. I had read Rebecca’s book on prayer, and since it was so very insightful and helpful, I was interested in any resource Rebecca mentioned.

After reading reviews, I decided to buy the Immanuel Approach book. (I have met Rebecca [and Joy!], both lifegiving believers!!) I am so glad to see that, in addition to all the precious women speaking, there is also a break-out session with Rebecca!

This is why:

After having read a bit in the Immanuel Approach book, I practiced something I learned in a very simple way. …One day, a memory that was a longago heartache just came up in my mind and heart. With the simple awareness of Jesus always being Immanuel, God with us, being so fresh and experiential in me, from having just read precious testimonies, I thought to talk to the Lord Jesus about that long-ago heartache that had come up in my memory. I imagined Jesus nearby me in the long ago situation, and I looked at Him and kind of listened to His heart…I was profoundly touched by the indescribable sense of the depth of His heart, love and longings for every person in the memory, including me. Words never seem enough to describe how God looks in our eyes, and feels as real as the most loving, assuring, grace-filled hug you ever experienced on earth…and.. to experience the integrity Jesus holds and honors toward people’s wills.  

I don’t understand everything about Him and hard things..but I know the sense of God’s presence changes everything! His love is healing and strengthening. He’s Honesty and Sanity and Hope Itself. He enables me to trust Him in ‘the next thing in front of me.’

I am interested to learn more about walking with Jesus and cooperating with Him in His healing and loving heart to us.

…btw, Rebecca’s book, Prayer Armor for Defense Against the Enemy’s Flaming Darts, is so helpful. It helps you break through to effectual prayer whenever assurance of God-being-with-you feels obstructed somehow.
Thank you, and thanks to our FatherLordJesusPreciousHolyLifegivingSpirit!

Rebecca Davis
Rebecca Davis
1 year ago
Reply to  ANN THELEN

Thank you so much for giving a bit of your own personal experience with the Lord Jesus Christ’s love for you, Ann. And God bless you on your journey.

Rochelle Sadie
Rochelle Sadie
1 year ago

The IMMANUEL APPROACH turned a corner in my healing when it was first introduced to me by my coach Jodi. A year and a half later her and I were able to attend the Immanuel Approach conference with Dr. Karl. If I had not practiced this in my recovery – I would have continued in my frustration with not being able to connect to Jesus, not seeing myself the way he sees me. I went from telling God I hate him – to meeting with Jesus often, in real time, he interacts with me in the present and my painful memories. I love Jesus so much!

If you are someone who ONLY relies on biblical counseling – and you work with someone like me- it won’t be enough. As people helpers we HAVE to understand how the brain is wired – we work WITH the brain during recovery – not against it. We can use the amazing gift of the brain to show how Jesus loves each of the victims he is rescuing. Jesus will show them how HE sees them.

I HIGHLY recommend you attend Rebecca’s workshop.


[…] In May I’ll be speaking at the Called to Peace Retreat about Immanuel Prayer Ministry, which is one way of helping people connect with Jesus on more than an intellectual level, to experience His love and healing. In many cases, to allow them to experience emotions that have long been locked up inside. […]

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