If you subscribe to my blog, then you got the advance notice that Book 2 of Untwisting Scriptures that were used to tie you up, gag you, and tangle your mind is coming out soon.

That’s because I sent out an email to all my subscribers, asking for pre-readers for the final chapter. I got a great response and I’ve received fantastic feedback.

More on that in a bit . . .


I saw a review on Goodreads of my first Untwisting Scriptures book saying that book didn’t cover enough topics.

Well, haha. I had never intended it to be comprehensive. My goal was always for that to be the first book in a series. I thought I would write one a year.

Well, haha again. This time the joke was on me. That book came out in 2016, and you would have thought I’d have been able to get one out a year, wouldn’t you? Especially when they’re basically based on blog posts.

So anyway, that was a fail. And now, over 4 years later, the second book in the series will finally be materializing within a month or two. Yay!

The topics covered will be Patriarchy and Authority.

This book got started because someone asked me to take certain Here’s the Joy blog posts and make them into a book. She wanted to give it to her parents, since they don’t read blogs but they do read books.

So this will be it.

Who am I writing this for? Mainly for those who have come out of the “Biblical Patriarchy” movement or cult-like churches, but they still love Jesus, or maybe they’re not sure they identify as Christians anymore but they’re willing to explore the hope and love offered by the Real Lord Jesus Christ.

They want to understand the true meaning of the Scriptures that these leaders used to control them.


The first book had only 6 chapters. This one has 18, and two appendices. Whew!

Here’s the sneak peek:

  1. Why I’m talking about Patriarchy


  1. “Biblical Patriarchy”: Here’s How You Replaced God
  2. The Clash of Kingdoms
  3. “The Return of the Daughters” Meets Rachael Denhollander
  4. To Those in “Biblical Patriarchy”: Return to God


  1. Doug Phillips in the Old Covenant
  2. “Children Obey Your Parents”?
  3. “(Adult) Children Obey Your Parents”? For Adults Raised in “Biblical Patriarchy”
  4. The King, the Prisoner, the Soldier, and Jesus (Bill Gothard’s Teaching about Authority)
  5. Rebellion is the “Sin like Witchcraft”
  6. “You Just Need to Be Content”


  1. The Umbrella Heresy—at Home and Church
  2. Your Pastor is Not Moses: A Response to John Bevere’s Under Cover
  3. That “Obey Your Leader and Submit to Their Authority” Scripture: Examining Hebrews 13:17
  4. “Loyalty” is not a Christian Virtue


  1. Jesus vs. the Pharisees
  2. Thoughts for the Hopeless from Isaiah 40
  3. The Authority We Have in Jesus Christ
  • Appendix A: Examining The Matriarchs of Patriarchy
  • Appendix B: Further Questions and Answers on the “Children Obey Your Parents” Scriptures

If you’re an avid reader of my blog, you might recognize many (though not all) of those chapter titles as blog posts I’ve written through the years.

That last chapter

Regarding that last chapter, about our authority in Jesus Christ? That’s the one I sent out to any of my blog subscribers who volunteered within 48 hours. (I got a wonderful response because of course, my subscribers are the BEST.)

I wanted to have some pre-readers because what I’m talking about in that chapter is our delegated authority in the spirit realm. And THAT topic, my friends, can be a stretch for those who have come out of fundamentalist and reformed backgrounds.

The feedback they’ve given me has been golden, and I know the chapter is becoming a better chapter for it.

Other bits and pieces about the book

The cover isn’t designed yet, but here’s the photo for it. Photo cred to Stephanie Council and many thanks to the model, Shawn Garzony!

Natalie Hoffman has invited me for an interview on her podcast, Flying Free. Also, Emily Elizabeth Anderson of Thriving Forward has asked to talk with me on her blog. I’d be ever so glad to talk with other podcasters and bloggers who can get the word out.

My timeline right now looks like the end of February. I’m very hopeful about it!

The first volume of Untwisting Scriptures (yes! I can say “first volume” now!) received very encouraging feedback. Here’s just one example (from 4 years ago, lol):

The author went on with more specifics about his life, and how various parts of the book had been directly meaningful and applicable for him.

As Scriptures are untwisted and the heart of our God is made plain, I pray that we all will be pointed to the goodness and grace of God.

My heart’s desire is for my readers to see a God who cherishes His people and wants to draw close to them in love.

I’m praying that this second volume of Untwisting Scriptures will also serve to bring clarity to many.

So stay tuned!


Haha, I very rarely use exclamation points in my writing. (It’s usually considered bad form.) But this blog post has EIGHT of them. Can you tell I’m excited?


As of February 17, 2021, the second Untwisting Scriptures book is out in both paperback and e-book format. You can see them both here.


Go here to download your free Guide, How to Enjoy the Bible Again (when you’re ready) After Spiritual Abuse (without feeling guilty or getting triggered out of your mind). You’ll receive access to both print and audio versions of the Guide (audio read by me). I’m praying it will be helpful.



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