Here’s the Link to that Zoom Interview with Me about Patriarchy

Last week Emily Elizabeth Anderson of Thriving Forward interviewed me in light of the recent publication of my second Untwisting Scriptures book, which addresses patriarchy and authority.

Emily is one of the “Jane Does” who brought the lawsuit against Bill Gothard and later went public about it.

Our two perspectives together may have been especially helpful for some, because we interacted as two generations, since I am of the generation of Emily’s parents.

It’s the most personal interview I’ve done–she was asking me questions about me.

So here is the lovely Emily

And here’s ummm … me.

The Zoom chat box was very lively, with over 200 comments and questions, which alas, you apparently cannot see unless you were there.

Click on either photo, or click here to watch the replay of the interview.

And if you have any follow-up questions, you can absolutely ask them in the comments on this post. (No promises that I’ll be able to answer, haha, but you can certainly ask.)

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Caroline Anne Foster
Caroline Anne Foster
1 year ago

I cannot access the Zoom conversation with the link or by clicking on the pictures.

Lillian Warkentin
1 year ago

I’d love to watch, but it asks for email and password

Lillian Warkentin
1 year ago
Reply to  Rebecca Davis

Ah I see! Thank you. I have it now 🙂


[…] I met Emily Elizabeth Anderson in January of this year, when she told me she had appreciated my Untwisting Scriptures books and asked to interview me on her blog, Thriving Forward. (That interview is here.) […]

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