Yesterday I talked about 3 kinds of good fear, fear that isn’t sinful and is actually good and pleasing to God. Today . . .

Three scenarios when fear is unnecessary and even harmful

And sinful? Well maybe in some cases. (But then again in most of these cases, probably not.)

1. When we know there is nothing (else) we can or should do to accomplish physical safety

In a medical crisis, for example, when the healing is out of our hands, or a weather crisis, when safety is out of our hands.

Even in a crisis that’s life-threatening because of the wickedness of others—if we’ve done all we can.

This is why in Acts 12 Peter was able to fall asleep next to the soldier in prison while the folks back home were praying for him.

The good purpose of fear, as I mentioned yesterday, is to fill a person with the energy to take action in a dangerous situation. But under these circumstances, when all has been done that can be done, fear will cause adrenaline to course through the body with no outlet for (further) action. This will ultimately cause harm to the body, mind, and spirit.

On the contrary, when we’ve done all we can, then we trust Him according to promises of His care in the Scriptures.

How can we know when all the action that can be taken has been taken?









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