I have friends who are walking through hellish darkness in trying to recover and stay safe from evil perpetrated on them and their children that, when they entered their marriages, they had no inkling even existed.

I have friends who are trying to stay safe from being stalked by their rapists or other stalkers who for their own purposes want the world to think their target is crazy.

My friends often struggle with fear, because of flashbacks intruding into their present, and because of the very real and present threats of the wicked perpetrators.

And a Bible verse like the one in the title can send them spiraling. It just sounds like more condemnation.

But as always, it’s so, so important to look at the context.

Jesus said these words to His twelve disciples, the ones who had been with Him since the beginning of His ministry. They had seen Him

  • cleanse the temple
  • walk away from being almost stoned to death
  • bring about a miraculously huge catch of fish
  • deliver a demonized man
  • heal many people including a leper, a paralytic, two blind men, a man with a withered hand, and Peter’s mother-in-law
  • heal a sick man from a distance, without even seeing him
  • bring a man back to life
  • and preach and teach in a way that no one had ever heard anyone preach and teach, leaving them marveling time after time.

They had observed His life as a life of laser focus and complete integrity, every waking moment, for months now.

That’s all a really important part of the context.

Jesus Calms the Storm by Stephen Gjertson
















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