When I was a young graduate assistant working at Bob Jones University (learning publishing at BJU Press), like all the other employees I was given certain odious assignments to fulfill each semester, such as monitoring the “dating parlor” for a couple of hours on a Sunday.

One Sunday after I had finished that odious assignment, my replacement came along, a BJU lifer, Miss Potts. She asked me if I was going to obediently head on over to Vespers (the University’s drama program presented on Sunday afternoons).

“No,” I responded somewhat defiantly. “I’m going to church.”

Miss Potts was an old Southern lady with an absolutely perfect Southern drawl.

“The Univuhsity,” she said, “would want you to go to Vespuhs.”

And there a loyal generation and a . . . different . . . generation went head to head with the loyalty issue.

What does the entity-without-a-face, “the Univuhsity,” want me to do?

“Well,” I said, hoisting my bookbag to my shoulder, “I think the Lord would want me to go to church.”

And I left before she could respond again.

Now my point here isn’t whether or not going to church was the absolute best thing I could have done with my time at that moment. (As far as I know now, it still was.)

It’s a question of loyalty.

What in the world is it, why is it so touted in Christian circles, and why am I saying it’s not Christian?






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