I know it must grow wearying to many Jesus-lovers to hear of one Christian leader after another being accused of seriously disqualifying sins and even crimes.  I become weary too, but not because I believe the accusations are false or nit-picky. No, I’m glad for any such truths that are coming out, and I’m glad criminals and hypocrites are being exposed. It’s the hypocrisy itself I grow weary of.

Bill Hybels

The hypocrisy was especially brought to my attention this time in an article my husband told me about a couple of days ago, which defended one of the recently accused, Bill Hybels (who has been accused of long-term adultery as well as attempts at seduction, allegations against whom can be found here and here and here).

The article I’m replying to, published by Christian Today (not Christianity Today) is here

Some oft-repeated falsehoods

In his article, the UK writer says

[I]n the US, as here in the UK, someone is innocent until proven guilty.

This is a highly misleading statement, as I’ve addressed at length here. In short, a person who actually committed a crime is NOT innocent (not even until proven guilty). He is, in fact, guilty of the crime.

And in fact, if he really committed the crime, then even if he is found not guilty in court, he is still guilty of the crime. I hope those who are able to think logically can understand the logic of this statement.

The author of the Christian Today article also said, in regard to Bill Hybels:

It is vital to remember that none of us can fully know what happened.

 Again, I’ve heard this one so often, but it’s wrong. Again, I’ve addressed that here. If a person committed a crime, then there is indeed the very real possibility that there are actually people—even people reading this article—who can know what happened (if not “fully,” at least enough), including those on whom the crime was perpetrated, witnesses to the crime, those who have reviewed evidence, and others such as therapists who have gone through months or years of trauma work with one on whom the crime was perpetrated.

Getting to the point

But those oft-repeated falsehoods aren’t even the main point of this man’s article. His main point is that we are all hypocrites. Christians, that is. All of us Christians are hypocrites. Which means, of course, how dare we point a finger at someone else whose hypocrisy has come to light.

Even though the author recommends a life of constant repenting, he believes we will never be able to live in victory over hypocrisy.

I disagree.



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