The other day I was helping a friend who was moving under extremely difficult circumstances. As she and I lifted a plastic bin onto a shelf, I saw this plaque inside and recognized it as mine.

“Is that yours?” I politely asked.

“No, it’s yours!” she said. “You lent it to me 4 or 5 years ago, remember?” (I didn’t remember.)

She continued, “You gave it to me then, and told me to keep it until it was true for me. So I put it on my dresser, and every morning I looked at it and said, ‘Is that true for me yet?’ And every day I had to say ‘No not yet.’ Until recently. Recently when I looked at it, I said, ‘I think that’s beginning to be true for me.’”

For this friend, this was huge. I often write about hope here on my blog, and on one of my posts several years ago she commented, “I’m wishing I could have found that hope, but am very glad for those that do.” At that time she had felt hopeless. So for her now, even in her very difficult circumstances, to say that hope looked like it was beginning to grow was extremely significant.

She asked me to share something with others:

“I came / am coming to know the true love of Jesus through the people who didn’t walk away when times were tough, when there didn’t seem to be hope, when there was no reward, when I crashed again and again and again and again.

“There are a FEW priceless treasures who God Himself planted in my life to show me a picture of him. The part I hope people understand is that it takes time.”

“Take this back,” she said, “and give it to someone else who needs hope.”

So my plaque has returned, sitting here beside me on my desk, a plaque that—by proclaiming truth— has helped me hold hope in dark times of my own, and then went on to help my friend, who began to learn to hope in God through those who loved her and showed compassion. It’s now ready to be passed on to someone else.

My soul, wait only on God, for my expectation, my anticipation, my hope is from Him.




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