It’s supposed to be encouraging when we hear that God the Father sees His children through the filter of His Son Jesus Christ. I’ve seen Christians almost come to tears when they talk about how God the Father is wearing “blood-colored glasses” to look at us, seeing the righteousness of His Son instead of our sinfulness.

So, we are told, He sees His blood-bought children as holy instead of the unrighteous, filthy, utterly degraded, deceitfully wicked, totally sinful vile creatures we actually are.

I’d heard it all my life. (Yes, they were talking about the “blood-colored glasses” back in the 1960s and 1970s too.)

But there came a time, when I was immersed in the Word of God, that I questioned it.

“If God sees us one way,” I pondered, “but we are actually something quite different, doesn’t that mean that God is deceiving Himself?”

Has anyone else wondered this same thing?

I’ve sat on this question for years. Years, I’m telling you. And a satisfactory answer has not been forthcoming, even as I continue to hear people offer this teaching.

The other problem with this teaching that has greatly troubled me is that it is nowhere taught in the Bible. In fact, the Bible teaches something radically different.





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